Venezuela's Pro-government Assembly Seizes Power From Congress

Venezuela's pro-government constitutional assembly has given itself the power to pass laws, seizing legislative power from the opposition-led congress.

The assembly unanimously passed a decree Friday enabling it “to legislate on matters directly aimed at ensuring the preservation of peace, security, sovereignty, the socio-economic financial system, the purposes of state, and the preeminence of Venezuela's human rights.”

While the decree does not explicitly dissolve congress, it strips away the already diminished powers of the body.

'Here to bring order'


Entrepreneurs Hope Pence’s Latin America Trip Sparks Ideas

More public backing for innovation, more idea exchanges to nurture global trade and more stability. That’s what two transnational entrepreneurs hope will result from U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s travels this week to Latin America, where he has promoted prosperity, security and democracy for the Americas.

Liliana "Lili" Gil Valletta, a Colombia native and naturalized U.S. citizen, described Pence’s trip to her homeland, Argentina, Chile and Panama as "a good thing" that highlights bilateral trade.