Put Parents in Charge of Education, Not Government

After three court battles, two legislative sessions, and an outside legal bill of over $500,000, we have yet to achieve what parents in Nevada want: the right, and financial ability, to oversee their children’s education.

The lesson is one for the entire country.

What went wrong? The Republican governor and Democratic-led legislature’s unwillingness to spend $80 million to fund education savings accounts, while being more than willing to spend $750 million on a new football stadium.

Should school names be changed amid Confederate monument debate?

As the conversation over Confederate statues in Jacksonville continues to heat up following violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, many are wondering if several local schools with names linked to the Confederacy could be renamed.

In 2014, after years of controversy, the Duval County School Board voted to change the name of Nathan B. Forrest High School to Westside High, because of the namesake's ties to the Ku Klux Klan.

Jacksonville currently has at least seven schools whose names are tied to the Confederacy or slavery:

J.E.B. Stuart Middle