Email Marketing Tips

6 new tricks you’re missing in your travel email marketing

There’s nothing quite like the run-up to a holiday. The excitement, nerves and level of organisation needed to squeeze your essentials into one small suitcase.

If you’re a marketer working in travel, you need to build a relationship through your emails that reflects all of those emotions.

We take a look at some clever ways of inspiring, exciting and preparing your travellers. These are imaginative methods to connect with your audience that go way beyond the basics of segmentation and targeting.

How agencies can help their clients increase lead generation

The most basic function of marketing is to generate leads. After all, with no pipeline and nothing to convert, there’s no business to market.

But when lead generation is such a basic skill, why do 65% of marketers cite it as their biggest challenge (Hubspot, 2015)? The problem is that it can be difficult to think of new ways to get fresh leads when you feel you’ve exhausted your usual network.

Buying into the online relationship with the retail industry

The growth of eCommerce is stabilising (Ecommerce News 2016), which means retailers are having to try and get more from the relationships they already have. It’s no longer just about new customers – it’s about retaining and growing the loyalty of existing customers.

Here we take a look at the most common and profitable ways online retailers get us spending more – emails that are carefully crafted tools aimed at retaining and growing custom.

A retailer’s guide to Christmas campaign success – Part Three

Christmas is not just about short-term sales. It’s about creating a great experience for your customers so they return.

Think about John Lewis – one of the best-known retailers, famed for their Christmas marketing. It’s not just the big budget TV ads – it’s their approach to the customer that sets them apart. They connect with their customers emotionally, inspire them, offer quality, reassurance and great service.

Designing customer journeys | How to design a great customer journey which keeps people engaged

How to design a great customer journey which keeps people engaged

Good marketers know there’s more to business than focusing on short-term sales. To get your customers coming back again and again you need to create a relationship.

Thanks to the widespread acceptance of online, those relationships are often conducted online. But there’s an art to a virtual relationship. You can’t smile, they can’t feel, taste or touch the goods. And your competitors are always just one click away.