Duterte’s war on drugs looks just like…war

Sixty people have been killed by security forces in the Philippines capital Manila and the bordering province of Bulacan under President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent crackdown on alleged drug users and dealers. By Thursday, the three-day operation had resulted in 223 arrests.

Reuters reports that this is the deadliest three days in Duterte’s campaign against drugs and crime that has left over 9,000 dead across the country since the strongman took office in June 2016.

Trump responds to Barcelona attack by suggesting that mass murder of Muslims would deter terrorism

President Trump’s response to an attack in Barcelona, Spain that left 13 dead was to suggest that mass murdering Muslims suspected of terrorism might be a way to deter future incidents.

Trump’s initial public reaction to the attack on Thursday was a tweet that generically condemned the violence, offered U.S. help to the people of Spain, and told the Spanish people, “we love you!”