BeachBody Insanity vs T25 for Exercising: What You Need to Know

BeachBody Insanity vs T25 for Exercising: What You Need to Know

Let us have a beach body insanity vs T25 for exercising comparison.

To put it in simpler terms, according to the beach body website, here’s how it goes: Insanity workout is a 60- day max interval training that encourages you to work out at your maximum capacity for around 3-minute intervals, and only lets you rest for 30 seconds in between. T25, on the other hand, is a zero rest, 25-minute full-body workout. This training aims to work all your muscle group in a continuous method for the whole 25 minutes. After that, it is done.

Now to the brass tacks of BeachBody Insanity vs T25 for exercising:


Duration – Insanity spans for 60 days and Focus T25 is 10 weeks. If you’re aiming to get through it quicker, then Insanity is the perfect way to go. On the other hand, Focus T25, true to its name, focuses more on a concentrated 10 weeks workout.

Average Hour Per Session – The difference is clearer in this one. Insanity, first and foremost, ranges from 40-60 minutes/day. Focus T25, meanwhile, is a 25 minutes per session with only 3 minutes rest duration.

Format – Focus T25 is composed of athletic drills and various rhythmic moves. This one does not include athletic training that much. Insanity, however, focuses more on athletic drills and training.

Focus T25 is great because:

  1. T25, with its shorter average hour per session, can be easily done because of its simpler routine that includes stretches and various powerful exercise training.
  2. T25 is more accessible to the newbies. A lot of beginners are allegedly reported to be more in favor of this program. Also, the greater part, is that its initial phase is a lot friendly to beginners. In addition, its versatility is also handy for those who are totally in an unfortunate circumstances for accessibility purposes.
  3. Focus T25 is great, especially if you’re on a tight schedule, as its duration per session is not so very demanding. It is only 25 minutes a day and 5 days a week.

Insanity is great because:

  1. Insanity is very helpful for those who wants to get a nice figure within 60 days; totally different from the one you’ll achieve from T25. This one is for those who are more serious in getting a ripped and muscular build while losing all the excess fat.
  2. Insanity is for the far more serious individuals, since it is a bit rigorous and athletic based program. It will definitely get your body to the next level.
  3. Insanity only requires a singular transaction. Purchasing insanity deluxe at least once can immediately provide you the great training you need.

Well, there you have it. Hope these “pointers” can help you reach greater heights. So, folks, what are your thoughts about Beach Body Insanity vs T25 for exercising? Which one will you go for?