GAT - Graduate Assessment Test

GAT - Graduate Assessment Test

GAT Online Complete Course Guideline. Self-study TOEFL for Students of all levels of Schools, Colleges, Universities and Research Institutes. TOEFL basic guideline.

GAT (Graduate Assessment Test)

GAT test is basically the abbreviation of Graduate assessment test. Mainly this test has concerned along with HEC (higher education commission) however, the responsibility of conducting Graduate Assessment test is allotted to the National Testing Service (NTS). Graduate assessment test admission in M.Phil and HEC Scholarship Schemes.
Online self assessment tests offer multitude of boons. These online tests aid in adjusting and improving academic and general learning of students in their intended area of studies. Foremost, online tests can be conducted without supervision of instructors or tutors. Particularly, after matriculation, students have to indulge in self studies; they can’t possibly succeed unless and until they pledge themselves in studies whole heartedly. For the students focused on attaining education and gaining high marks, online tests play role of teachers in assessing their academic capabilities instantly.

GAT Test Preperation

The GAT General or Graduate Assessment Tests are part of NTS tests which are focused on providing students a platform to get on merit admissions in Universities for MPhill and MS programmes. The sole purpose of NTS is to play mediator between graduates and Universities. It is providing transparent testing services, on the basis of which universities select students on merit. GAT General Test is approved by all HEC affiliated Universities. The GAT General tests remain valid for admissions till 2 years after passing it.

To register for GAT tests, students can visit the official website of NTS. Go to the online registration Portal at “” where the student has to fill-up the NTS GAT registration form.  The instructions on the NTS form must be thoroughly read before filling it as the future depends on this very test. A student can register for the test only once. The student’s eligibility criterion is the completion of sixteen years of education. Students who want to improve their earlier GAT general test results are also eligible to apply for GAT-General. This test is held four times in a year.

To obtain the latest schedule, one can visit the official NTS website. There are four categories of this test, all four focusing on diverse types. The categories are: “GAT A” for engineering and business students, “GAT B” for Art, Humanities and Social Sciences students, “GAT C” for Agricultural, Veterinary, Biological & Related Sciences students and “GAT D” for Religious Studies students. The NTS GAT results are valid for two years’ time. If, due to some reason a student could not apply in a university immediately after the results, he/she does not have to worry as the test results are valid for two years.

The online tests sketched by our website are according to formula of examinations of NTS. We have outlined our online tests through past papers and important topics according NTS criteria. There three categories of online tests for GAT General Candidates: GAT (Business and Engineering), GAT (Art, Humanities and Social) and Gat (Agricultural and Veterinary). The candidates can attempt these online tests to measure their learning. The candidates will not only gain confidence to attempt the annual NTS GAT General Tests but also will be fully prepared for examinations.

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) General test result is valid for two years and the candidates who have completed their sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in GAT test. GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) mainly held in major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Hyderabad and Dera Ghazi Khan as well. GAT test usually held 4 times in a year after every three months.

Test Pattern and Syllabus

Test pattern of the GAT consisted of following sections:

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Verbal Ability - Analogies, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, and Reading Comprehension
  3. Analytical Ability - Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning

Types of GAT

First is GAT General Test while the second is GAT Subject Test. The validity period of both the test remains for the span of 2 years. Those students who wants to apply for GAT General must have 16 years of education. Graduate Assessment Test General is conducted for the purpose of admissions in MS/M.Phil programs. While the GAT Subject is for Ph.D programs. Furthermore, GAT is organize for the purpose to analyze the Quantitative as well as analytical skills of the students.

GAT subject test has total of 100 questions. All the questions are MCQS. Total time given to complete the GAT Test paper is 120 minutes (2 hours). 30% of the Total Test is from the general section. While the 70% of the Total Test is from the subject section.


Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) conducted four times in a year under the supervision of National Testing services. The test is conducted for the admission in M.Phil. The students who wish to apply for HEC scholarships are also required to take this test.

Here on this page we have provided the complete online test comprising of a huge collection of multiple choice question for the aspirants of business and engineering. By taking this online test by ilmkidunya, students will be able to prepare their selves in a better way for the GAT test. They will get some idea about the paper pattern and the type of questions.

The GAT (Business and Engineering) category test comprises of three sections that includes Verbal reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning. All these three section in the paper comprises of multiple choices questions and the number of total MCQs in the paper is 100 and the students have to attempt the complete paper in two hours (120 minutes).

The test is very simple is enough easy to take. You are simply required to click on start test button and the test will come in front of you. Attempt all the questions and in the end click on submit test button and the result will come in front of you. Through your attempted online test you will be able to know about your preparation.


GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) helps the aspirants to appraise, analyze, securitize, understand the relationships as well as take to mean material for a perfect zone of study. GAT is compulsory test that is required by Higher Education Commission (HEC) for the admission in any postgraduate study program or PhD program in Pakistan.

The test is comprises of three sections that includes verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Analytical reasoning. The verbal section contains 50% multiple choice questions, Quantitative section contains 30% multiple choice questions whereas the analytical section contains 20% multiple choices questions. Like the other categories, students also have to attempt the 100 multiple choices questions in this section and the time given to attempt the paper is 120 minutes (2 hours).

GAT test is further categorized into four classes and one of them is the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The students whose field of study is arts, humanities or social science attempt this category of GAT test.

Here on this page we have uploaded a massive collection of multiple choice questions related to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in the form online test and by attempting this online test the aspirants will be able to prepare themselves in a better way for their test. Students can take this online test as many times as they want. To attempt the test, you just have to click on the start test button and the test comprising of MCQs will come in front of you.


Agriculture, Veterinary, Biological and Related Sciences is one of the four categories of GAT test. The students with the respective field of study and those who wants to get admission in this field take this test. GAT test is normally taken to get admission in postgraduate programs. Gat test conducted four times in a year under the supervision of National Testing Services, Pakistan.

Like the other categories of GAT test, this category test also comprises of three sections verbal, Quantitative and analytical. The verbal section of the test comprises of 45% multiple choice questions, quantitative section comprises of 35% multiple choices questions whereas analytical section comprises of 20% multiple choice questions and the students have to attempt total 100 MCQs in two hours.

Students can easily take the test as many times as they want. They are simply required to click on the start test button and the test will appear on front of them. Through this online testing system you will also come to know that how much you have prepared for the exams.