A Handful of Quick Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

A Handful of Quick Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Let’s face it, losing weight in a short period of time is a big problem for a lot of people out there. 

You might even be one of those who browse the internet daily, searching for various quick ways to lose 10 pounds fast; you try them, but only end up failing. However, all that ends now, for we just found the best game plan to lose weight as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort involved.

Looking back, a lot of people often rush to starve themselves or hit the gym without a plan when it comes to achieving weight loss. They want it as quickly as possible, but only to end up failing miserably. According to Men’s Health, those things would only leave you a lot hungrier during breaks, lacking with nutrition and, worse, badly sick because of dehydration and fatigue.

As a change of plan, we will discuss here how you can lose weight a lot quicker with only a handful of changes in your everyday lifestyle. This involves a better hydration, a proper sleep, a nutritious diet, and, of course, fitness regimen. According to the experts, a lot of guides to quick ways to lose 10 pounds fast usually involve the right diet and well-disciplined routine.

So, how do we do it? Here’s how:


One of the better ways to lose weight is to include a few compound exercises in a weekly basis. This one is extremely helpful in losing weight as quickly as you can, since it lets you work most of your muscles at once. The exercises that involves the parts under your navel are a great start due to the fact that they are primarily the biggest muscles in your body.


In terms of cardio, it is important to maximize your oxygen consumption in order for your body to be more efficient in using oxygen. One of the better ways to know whether you are doing this right is through talking. If you can speak whilst working out, then you have to exert more effort in your exercise.


One of the best ways to lose weight quickly is through burning calories. This one involves a handful of ways to condition your body in a faster metabolism through the intervals during your workouts. What this means is that the faster your body’s metabolism is, the quicker it burns the excess fats. Combining the two activities mentioned above (i.e. compound exercise and cardio) is the best way to achieve this.

These two will push your body to its peak which will result in faster metabolism. Ideally, the best course to thread is to do the 3 times/week workout routine. You can at least do this alternately, so you can have your rest day between the work-out days. Do both of these exercises and have at least a 60 second break. Little by little, try to challenge yourself to reduce it down to 30 seconds. Do this repeatedly for around 10 times.

After this, despite feeling like you can still do more and you still have plenty of energy left, do not exert yourself too much and stop now because injury usually happen that way. The best way, instead, is to do some cardio exercises. A little more effort is always welcome, but don’t push it way too hard to avoid problems.

These quick ways to lose 10 pounds fast, when paired with right discipline, will definitely do wonders. So, are you ready to stick to the plan?