Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

According to the Islam religion, the Hijrah refers to the escape or migration of Prophet Muhammad PBUH from Mecca to Medina.

The Islamic religion just like Christianity has a long history behind it. Many events took place long ago when the religion began. The Muslims too had leaders and Prophets that guided then in their faith. These leaders as well organised events that took place during those periods. One of the major events that took place in the Islamic event was the Hijrah that is remembered till to date since it had a great impact to the Muslim citizens. The following essay is a brief description of the Hijrah that was conducted by Prophet Muhammad PBUH who is a prophet known to the Muslims. The essay will entail clear details of the event and the people that were involved in the event. The reason behind the Hijrah will also be stated and well explained. The essay will also entail discussions on other events that took place during the Hijrah year and the way the Muslims responded.

Reason of Hijrah

            The reason behind the migration was to escape persecution. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was avoiding being killed after Mecca was captured. Mecca became under the control of the Christian religion but Prophet Muhammad PBUH did not intend to give in to this kind religion. To escape from this, Prophet Muhammad PBUH soon fled from Mecca (Abdi 74). The Hijrah era was introduced by a Muslim leader known Umar 1 who was the second Caliph. Caliph is an Islamic title that was given to a person who was considered a Muslim religious leader at that time. The second Caliph started this era on the lunar month referred to as Mu arram. This was the month of July the sixteenth date. During this era, Hijrah was spelled as Higerae unlike to date. When a new government took over the religion known as the Ottoman government, it introduced a different Hijrah date, which was to be celebrated during the solar year known as the Julian (Hussein 78). The new government however did not do away with the original Hijrah date. They considered celebrating the event during two different dates that is the lunar and the solar dates. This makes a difference between the solar and the lunar year till to date.

            Prophet Muhammad PBUH however did not flee alone to Medina. Some Muslims abandoned Mecca before it was captured and followed Prophet Muhammad PBUH to Medina. These Muslims are up to date considered as the companions of the Prophet. This was the title that was used to refer to them. They were also referred to as the muhajirun (Ali 54). The term muhajirun refers to emigrants. Another group of Muslims that abandoned Mecca were the faithful ones that immigrated to the country of Ethiopia.

During the reign of the fourth Caliph, there emerged some arbitration talks that questioned the rights of the Caliph. Some Muslims did not respond positively to these arbitrations and as a result, they withdrew their support from them. These Muslims were referred to as the Khawarij. This term is used to describe them that were faithful to their Caliph. The Muslims that joined the Khawarij are referred to as the Ali (Abubakar 51). The Group of Muslims that were however considered the most important in the Islamic religion were the muhajirun. According to the Islamic religion, Prophet Muhammad PBUH praised these men for their bravery of having to abandon their motherland to follow him to Medina due to their faith. To return this favour, Muhammad PBUH the Prophet made a promise and told them that God will always favour them. This group has to date remained the most esteemed in the Islamic religion in Medina and also in Mecca where they emigrated from. The muhajirun have since ruled according to Muslim leadership till to date (Abdul 65). This was the group that took control after Prophet Muhammad PBUH later died.

            These were not the only group of Muslims that emerged as a result of the Hijrah era. Another group of Muslims known as an ar also emerged. This group consisted of the men that assisted Prophet Muhammad PBUH and also the companions of the prophet. The ar aided the Prophet and his companions in their Muslim leadership and were also strong in Muslim faith. The men of this group however came from two different tribe (Abhussein 96). Some were from the tribe of al-Khazraj and some belonged to the tribe of al-Aws. They were however from major Medinese tribes. The two tribes were initially rivals but when Muhammad PBUH was in Mecca, he reunited them when he was a rising leader. These two tribes were in great support of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and even constituted a large number of Muhammad’s army. They however declined when none among the tribes were chosen to succeed Prophet Muhammad.


            The essay above entails the major groups of Muslims that were associated with the Hijrah. The purpose of these groups are mentioned as well. The start of the Hijrah era and the person behind it have well been mentioned. The reason behind the existence of the two different Hijrah dates that are celebrated to date has been stated. The titles that were given to the leaders at that time are also mentioned in the essay. The events that took place during the Hijrah and their outcomes are clearly accounted for in the essay above (Rashida 50). In conjunction to that, descriptions about the involved groups have appropriately been included.