Mobile Telephone and Wireless

Mobile Telephone and Wireless

After the invention of mobile phone technology the pace of communication has also changed. The world has made a lot of achievement in technology.

Mobile phone has shortened the distances and provides us with latest facilities and multiple features.

In ancient times pigeons were used as a means of communication. Later on hand written messages were sent by post. Later on telephone was invented which was really a revolutionary invention at that time. With the passage of time, science and technology has made advanced progress. Telephones are in usage till now but in advanced and modified form known as mobile phones, also known as wireless phones. Mobile phones are a source of communication and latest invention. With Every passing day we see new designs and features of mobile phones and is getting more modified and advanced day by day.


Mobile phones get tremendous success and features after their invention. Every year top most mobile phones companies and brands introduce new brands for its customers. Current mobiles have a lot features like fast internet, what Sapp, multi-application we can install on just one touch. But it is very important to know about the history of mobile phones and types of mobile phones launched since the 1980s, is very important.

The World's first mobile phone was introduced on April 3, 1973 when Martin Cooper the founder of that phone told about his invention. That phone was 1.1kg in weight and takes almost 10 hours to charge and with that device you got 30 minutes of talk-time.

In 1983 Motorola introduced its mobile phone, that can store only 30 phone numbers with 30 minutes of talk-time and its cost was $3995.

In 1997-Nokia 6110 was introduced in market with four different colors , having calculator, clock profile setting and three games memory, snake and logic

In 1999 black-berry 850 was introduced in the market and that was the first brand, released under Blackberry.

Mobile phones invented since the 1991, have less features and they all are known as 1(G) first-generation system, they can support calls but used analog technology only. In 1991 2(G) second-generation digital cellular technology was launched on the GSM standard.

Ten years later in 2001, 3(G) third-generation was launched in JAPAN by WCDMA standard and now 4(G) technology is available to us. [1]



  • Easy Communication:

Mobile phones with fewer features are not so costly now days. Many people have at least a simple mobile. You can stay in touch with your family members and friends as long as the network coverage is there. This device has made communication very easy.

  • Internet Connection:

Mobiles phones are upgrading day by day with more features and we can compare them as computers because you can use Google, browse different websites, Facebook, Gmail and any social media network you are looking for is just one click far.

  • Touch and type:

Latest mobile phones are very advance and easy to use. You can open anything and perform multiple activities by just a single touch.

  • Multiple Uses:

You can Use mobile phones in different ways. Like you can make pictures, listen songs, use internet and many more features are available in almost every latest handset.

  • Learning Tool:

Cell phones can be use d as a learning tool for teenagers. Students know that their required data is available on internet so they use mobile phones for cheating purposes.

  • Useful in Emergency situation:

Mobile phones are very useful in case of any emergency. If students have a mobile phone than it is very easy to contact anyone at their need. Like a student can call police at the time of emergency, rescue team at the time of some one’s accident and fire brigade if they find fire somewhere


  • Cheating:

Cheating has become one of the major issues in many schools. Many children use their phones for cheating purposes.

  • Costly:

Most of the cell phones are so costly so not in the range for some people to buy. Most teenagers perform illegal activities for having costly phones in their pocket to show off.

  • Cell phones can be deadly:

Cell phones sometimes proves very dangerous for teenagers while texting someone and crossing the road at the same time is not good and due to that most suffered from accidents which can be deadly many times.

  • Wastage of Time:

Using cell phones almost every time can be a source of wastage of time. And some teenagers become addicted to their phones ignoring everything.

  • Sex Exploitation:

Before purchasing a mobile phone for the children it is necessary to guide the children because sending sexual messages or pictures to another person may cause problems and also a major issue for parents.

  • No family time:

Students spent a lot of time in chatting with friends and playing games. They forget to give time and value to their families. It is very important to sit together with family members in spite of texting and playing useless games all the time.


 Average investors generate average returns for an organization and almost every   organization knows how to increase and attract the number of investors for their brand:

  • Revenue Growth (Overvalued)

For enjoying more profit it is necessary to invest a lot. If companies have maximum revenue growth than verily their share value will be high in market.

  • Margin Control (Devalued)

Most people take market value considering the current price of share and that is the worst mistake because after some time the value of share increases due to product sale.

  • Low price/earnings ratios.

For generating a good repute and fast growth in market it is some time necessary to have low costs of product so that the brand value increases rapidly.

  • Short-term information(overvalued) and long-term information(Devalued)

Investors are bombarded with a lot of information so that they would like to invest more money in the organization. The information is about their current position in the market and their future in the market.

  • Example 1: LG Electronics: [2]

According to LG, the company plans to focus on premium devices as well as mid-range devices. They work for their brand and in 2014; 59.6 million smart phones were sold. Their market share is about 4.6% and revenue is $53.72 billion.

  • Example 2: Huawei: [2]

This is a Chinese telecom company known as Huawei’s smart phone seller. The company has profited due to its Indian subordinate honor. Who boosted its market share in India with it featured devices at low prices. Huawei has two partners Latin America and India and now there are rumors about partnership with Google to build its upcoming Nexus phone.


Mobile phones are extensively used and also made tremendous success in few years. Mobile phone has shortened distances, increases connections, increases portability, increases new technologies, upgrading, fast browsing, unlimited applications downloading and many more features that makes mobile phones more usable now a days. Although this device has many disadvantages but its value and working can never be underestimated. We should have to promote the usage of mobile phone and condemned off its negative usage to make this device more effective and valuable.