NAT Online Complete Course Guideline

NAT - National Aptitude Test

NAT-I have an academic and confidential edge over non-participants of NTS. The students who have passed NAT-I do better in admission interviews and entry tests.

NAT - National Aptitude Test

NAT is an aptitude test administered by NTS. NAT scores are used by many of Pakistani institutions as an evaluation criteria factor for admission in Bachelor and Master level admissions.

National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admissions in NTS Associated Universities/ DAIs. The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to all universities in the respective subject group.

The candidates will be required to apply for admission in the universities as per their respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS Result Card.


NAT is the abbreviation of National Aptitude test. Basically NAT test is a type of NTS test and is conducted for the aspirants looking for the admission in Bachelors and Master’s in the educational institutes that are associated with NTS in all over the country.
Furthermore, NAT test consist of two types i-e NAT I test and NAT II test. Basically Nat I test is for the students who want to get admission in any program of Bachelors in well-known universities or colleges of Pakistan that are associated with National testing service (NTS). NAT I test if furthermore categorized in six categories that are NAT-IE for Pre-engineering students, NAT-IM for pre-medical students, NAT-IA for arts and humanities group, NAT-ICS for computer science students, NAT-ICOM for Commerce students and NAT-IGS for general science group.
Numerous educational institutes in Pakistan have make it compulsory for the students to appear in NAT-I for getting admission in Bachelor’s and hence students every year large number of students appear in NAT-I test held under the supervision of NTS. Students takes the NAT-I test in their own fields of study like students of pre-engineering appears in NAT-IE while students of Pre-medical take NAT-IM test. NAT I test held twelve times in a year, almost in every month of the year.


NTS (National testing service) is responsible for conducting two types of test in Pakistan named as NAT test (National aptitude test) and GAT test (Gradate Assessment test). National Aptitude test (NAT) is important for the candidates seeking for the admission in Bachelor's and Master’s program in any well-known university or college of Pakistan. NAT test is then moreover categorized in two types of test i-e NAT I test and NAT II test.
NAT II test is mainly held by NTS for the students seeking admission in Master's program in reputable and NTS associated universities of Pakistan. NAT-II is a famous test that is mainly held for the admission in masters level degree courses. It is an overall test its mean that the contents of the test do not base on any specific subject or course. The aspirants belonging to any educational background having a bachelor’s degree (14 years of education) can take this NAT II test. Basically NAT II test is required by the professional degree presenting educational institutes of both government sector and private sector.
NAT II is moreover categorized in to five type's i-e. NAT IIA for Arts and Social science group, NAT IIB for Biological science group, NAT IIM for Mathematics group, NAT IIP for Physical sciences group while NAT IIO for Oriental and Islamic studies group. Students while taking NAT II test choose the group according to their respective fields of study. NAT II test held twelve times in a year almost in every month under the supervision of NTS.

NTS National Aptitude Test NAT Test Result

 NTS is an official authority which conducts the various tests to check the ability and skills of the students. NTS test is compulsory to get admission HEC recognized colleges and universities, job vacancies and merit based scholarships in Pakistan. All NTS tests are MCQS based. These online test including NAT-IE( pre engineering) NAT –IA ( arts group)NAT-ICS (computer science group) NAT –IGS(general science group), NAT-11 Management science group), NAT -11 p (physical science group)NAT 11-o ( oriental and Islamic studies group) The tests are conducted in the fields of reengineering, Arts and humanities, pre medical, general science, computer science and commerce.

There are 90 MCQS in NAT-1 paper and the time duration of NAT-1 paper is 2 hours (120 minutes). There are 100 MCQS in NAT-11 paper and the time duration of the NAT 11 is two hours (120 minutes). There is no negative marking in the test.

Online NAT-I Test Preparation for Pakistani Students

The online tests for NAT-I preparations are specifically outlined apropos to NTS criterion. The NAT-I online tests programmed in our website are consisted of all categories such as NAT-IE (pre-engineering), NAT-IA (Arts and Humanities), NAT-IM (Pre medical), NAT-ICS (Computer Science), NAT-IGS (General Science) and NAT-ICOM (Commerce).

The NAT-I are for the students who have completed 12 years of education, NTS has facilitated this eligibility testing service for merit based admissions in reputed institutions to candidates. The students passing NAT-I tests are preferred fore- mostly by all public and private sector institutions of Pakistan. These tests are comprised of 4 parts such as: Verbal English, Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Subject Knowledge. NTS offers platform to deserving candidates with opportunity to show their capabilities and nourishing their academic skills through these tests.

Moreover, NAI-I test is further comprises of six types which includes:

  1. NAT-IE for Pre-engineering
  2. NAT-IM for pre-medical students
  3. NAT-IA for arts and humanities
  4. NAT-ICS for computer science
  5. NAT-ICOM for Commerce
  6. NAT-IGS for general science

Evidently, candidates passing NAT-I have an academic and confidential edge over non-participants of NTS. The students who have passed NAT-I do better in admission interviews and entry tests because of having practiced required academic concepts in NTS tests. Besides, mere act of attempting the NTS tests puts the students in huge platform and equips them with courage to compete with fast pacing masses in their later level of education.

Keeping in view, the extent of significance of NAT-I tests have on future of students, the online tests sketched by our website is an endeavor of our website to assist them in preparation of NAT-I effectively. These online tests are drawn in accordance to NTS criteria with the aid of expert examiners and well reputed teachers.
There are four sections in the NTS NAT tests, which are as under:

  • English/Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Verbal Reasoning MCQs

Verbal reasoning tests access your understanding and comprehension skills. The easier verbal reasoning test, such as sentence completion, comprehension and analogies, measures your ability to use the English language. You will be presented with a short passage of text and will need to answer a True, False or Cannot Say response to each statement.

Analytical Reasoning MCQs

The Analytical reasoning test is also called the conceptual reasoning test. It measures your lateral thinking skills or fluid intelligence, which are your ability to quickly identify patterns, logical rules and trends in new data, integrate this information, and apply it to solve problems. It measures what most people would refer to as ‘ street smarts’ and the ability to ‘think on your feet’.

Quantitative Reasoning MCQs

The Quantitative Reasoning  test measures your  mathematical concepts , ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on numerical data presented in graphs and tables. These tests are conducted to check your decision making and problem solving skills.

Subject Knowledge

Subject related questions are general question related to subjects of study, Most of the times, these questions consist of basic knowledge and definitions. One should go through all the basic questions relevant to the post in order to qualify.

All the details about NTS National Aptitude Test NAT Test Result is available here as well as NAT schedule 2018. National Aptitude Test is commonly known as NAT. The NAT is organize for the purpose of admission in universities as well as in colleges which are associated with NTS.  In NAT Students will appear in a single test only. The Result of NAT remains valid for the duration of 1 year. The registration fees for NAT is Rupees 700/-. Fee can be deposit in any online branch of MCB, UBL, HBL or ABL. Roll no slip of NAT will be display on NTS website 7 to 10 days prior to the test date.

NAT is conducted in two categories. First category has six types of papers for those students who have 12 years of education. While the second category include those students who have completed 14 years of education. In second category their are 5 types of papers.