Renovating Bathroom with Low Budget

Renovating Bathroom with Low Budget

It’s time to give the bathroom a facelift and Renovating bathroom with low budget. The room is looking tired and you have hit that wall for the need for a change.

A minor problem, there is not much of a budget so let us consider some options.

First on the list is the physical decoration, can we keep the existing tiles? Changing tiles can be so much more expensive. The local shop only shows the pricing per tile, it’s all those add-ons that you need such as border tiles, corner pieces, spacers, cutting tools, applying tools. Depending on your skill levels you might need to factor in breakages.

If you must go down the route of tiling consider how much space you need to cover. The less the space the less the costs. Try to do the work yourself rather than subcontract that task out.

Think about giving your existing tiles a makeover. Do a little bit of grouting and add some clean straight lines. You can also get washable transfers to brighten up your tiles and co-ordinate with the new look for your bathroom.

Could you update some fixtures such as lights, taps, towel rails, drawers, handles and switches? A few small modifications could make the difference.

Consider painting instead of tiling, although make sure you use some durable paint. You do not want to have to deal with mould within a few months. Get yourself some hardy satin finish paint and make sure you use it generously.

Does everything have to be new? Check out sites such as Freecycle, look on Facebook and similar sites, for a page where local people are selling off, or giving away items that would look fabulous in your bathroom. You might be surprised by the quality of what people want to get rid of.

How are your upcycling skills? If not up to much then head to YouTube for some tips of upcycling. Shabby chic is still en vogue and will probably always be fashionable, so how about applying some paint to an old fixture, or making use of a broken item e.g. using an old broken step ladder for shelving. Get creative, have some fun and spend sensibly.