What is Big Data?

From the course it can be analyzed that Big Data is the way through which huge amount of data are computed and analyzed.
Digital Publishing
Digital publishing is the new hype around the world. More and more people are transferring to the digital media base each and every day.
Safe Mobile Banking Using Smart Phone
Safe mobile banking using smart phone has become very common and people have trust in digital banking apps however, a recent study revealed major flaws in mobile banking apps.
SEO Works to Bring More Traffic
SEO is a particular type of procedure which is used to receive traffic through natural or organic search results.
Mobile Telephone and Wireless
After the invention of mobile phone technology the pace of communication has also changed. The world has made a lot of achievement in technology.
Carbon-Neutral Hybrid Solar Technology in Low-Rise Residential Homes
Carbon-neutral hybrid solar technology in low-rise residential homes: trends and drivers of residential solar energy usage in the East Coast of Australia.
Going Green with Home Improvement
The call to switch to a greener and more environment-friendly lifestyle or way of living has been growing stronger as more and more nations feel the adverse effects of severe weather conditions due to climate change.