What is Big Data?

What is Big Data?

From the course it can be analyzed that Big Data is the way through which huge amount of data are computed and analyzed.

It is changing the way business has been performed and it is affecting every industry. Huge amount of digital data is being utilized and through means of big data it can be analyzed. Big Data is a concept which enables to efficiently analyze and use abundant data amount more efficiently. Data is increasing in volume and big data is increasing the ability to use it.


Big Data makes use of four V’s which are veracity, volume, variety and velocity. If the industries are given datafication then we are exposed with continuous and unlimited data which is abundant along with huge volume. Another significant aspect of the course is that provided knowledge about platform of big data which portrayed single solution busing IT by blending the capabilities and multiple features of application of big data by using a single set of solution. Through big data organizations in businesses are facilitated for designing, functioning, deploying and processing the infrastructure which supports big data. Problem solving of relatively large amount along with volume of data can be done in less time.


Most organizations are making extensive use of big data and more personnel are needed with right skills but there is a skill gap. For employing big data in a company a strategy for big data is needed to be developed by using important phases. IBM has outlined that the adoption of Big Data in an organization can be achieved by completing the phases of educate, engage, explore and execute.


From the course it can be analyzed that companies should use a holistic approach for bug data because as abundant of data exists in an organization then there is a need for aligning the business goals with analytics of big data so that better understanding can occur about life cycle of data. The holistic approach would enable for an optimal plan which would help everyone in the business because it will readily provide data to those who require them. Through using holistic approach for big data technical issues can be resolved timely and it will help in attaining the business strategies.


Data governance is needed to be adopted systematically in organizations as it assists in getting maximum utility from the environments and systems of big data. The organization through data governance can exercise better control without reducing the speed along with flexibility of technologies and new approaches of big data. Data governance allows data to be secure and increases its reliability so it can be readily available for use while data which is not governed provides few values for analytics and operations of data. The main role of governance platform and information integration of IBM is to come up with reliable information for delivering applications for enterprise and mobile along with consuming analytical applications. So governance enables to originate a trust factor in believing the data.


Streams and text analytics are an integral dimension of big data. The course has enabled to understand the real world application of high value cases of big data being utilized by making use of examples. The examples provided a clear depiction of exploration of big data. Another example showed that how big data can enable to generate all the information for getting a closer view about each aspect of a customer. Intelligence extension and security is one of the most significant perspectives of a valuable big data use. The analysis of operation in any business can be facilitated through using high value based big data. Augmentation of data warehouse is yet another important high value aspect of big data which can optimize efficient operations in a business.


The course also enabled to have insights about technical aspects of big data. Through the understanding of Big Data which helps businesses it was analyzed that there are some basics for analysis of big data on real time basis by using streams which helped to explore about the fundamental elements which help in efficient analysis using big data. Text analytics is a fundamental aspect of big data and it has some basic too which are crucial for companies. Also the course enables to know that there are some overlapping relationship among big data and cloud. It is essential to know the relationship so that businesses can meet their data goals and needs effectively.


It can be further tapped that text analysis helps in getting well-structured form of data which is quality oriented and it is derived from unstructured text. Text analytics can also be referred as text mining. The reason for using text analytics is to get more valuable data about customers which can produce new insights about the customer and it can help to boast the productivity of data in a company. At times timely decisions have to be made in that case streams and clouds along with big data can help to navigate data in real time through applications and can deliver information efficiently.


Through the course it can be reflected that businesses and industries can flourish a lot because it provides cost reduction for a company. Technologies of big data like cloud based analytics and Hadoop is helping companies to attain advantages in cost. Big data has improved the ways for business through which they can make more efficient decisions through proper analysis.


Everyday organizations have huge data but big data allows them to generate meaningful information which can increase quick decision making. It speeds up the processes and operations in a company. Customers can be served in a better way by using big data as it help in developing new services or products through analytics.


Big Data in the future will be the foundation of competition and it will introduce more growth of productivity along with innovation. It will help to create better products for customers but there is a need to reduce the skill gap so that data can be navigated easily and efficiently. Apart from the technical aspects the core benefit of big data can enable companies to build more sophisticated models by processing numerous data in rea time.